a. i'm lisa she/her. 21. peixes. lgbtq+. enfp. ravenclaw. 04/03 1w2.

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b. Links rentry. discord. pronoun list.

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c. Love seventeen. girls. felines. money. crds. mimu. alternative. food. fried rice. rhythm games. gardening. crk.

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a. any age = ok, just don’t be weird. i have gad, adhd, rcd, social anxiety & ocpd. i change my name a lot. ur attitude = my attitude. don’t vent w/o permission.

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b. basic dni crit. use fonts and lang symbols. support gender stereotypes. have no common interests w me. unsolicited friend reqs.

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c. cr gyuduet, ib angeidiarys

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a. svt minghao s-coups vernon mingyu + ot13.

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b. takayan. yoasobi. sou. wotaku. yuu miyashita.

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c. kenji. kubz scouts. itsfunneh. aphmau. eddie. ldshadowlady. ravon. deb smikle. dantdm. etellan. rebal d. larray. katherine elizabeth gaming.

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d. childish gambino. daniel caesar. faouzia. keshi. lyn lapid. doja cat. kehlani. giveon. mother mother. kali uchis. alina baraz. niki. sza.

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