before u fllw

eu sou army e ggstan, falo bastante dos meus favs, dos meus utts, principalmente os taekook, e de coisinhas que eu gosto, amo interagir e fazer amizade na tl então sinta-se a vontade pra isso! apago uns tweets do nada.

don't fllw if

anti dos meus favs, edgy stan, akgaes, prefiro não seguir solos do bts, jikooker, prática ou apoia algum tipo de preconceito, -16, blink, não temos favs em comum, é ignorante ou desrespeitoso, problematiza coisas desnecessárias.


txt ⊹ beomgyu


dream wilbur corpse


nessa barrett, dylan o'brien, dpr ian, bo burnham, stray kids, blackpink, zendaya, tom holland, jxdn

carrd pro

if you're interested in buying carrd pro or upgrading / renewing your current planuse my referral link or code LOVJBINI for 30% off!


i don't give my permission for making tutorials of my designs. seriously, don't do it - ESPECIALLY without asking first. this only applies to carrds made with pro standard/plus!

copies & comms

don't sell my designs, i don't care if you did it yourself – just don't. i don't do pro carrds from scratch yet, but i can do any free design (either from inspo or from your imagination, but you'd have to be very specific and preferably draw it out). payment beforehand, no exceptions!